The brochures are an excellent tool for presentation as the overall performance of the company and to promote the product or service. Their main task is to inform and explain in simple language the advantages and benefits of what they imagine it. The performance varies according to specific customer requirements and can be implemented in numerous variants depending on the way in which you want to look the final product.
In the production of corporate brochures are no precise rules and everything depends on the specific customer requirements. There may be many performances by specific forms, paper, partial varnish and special effects of polishing to achieve a truly unique and distinctive look of your final product.

At the request must indicate:

  • The exact size of the article
  • Drawing (number, amount)
  • Paper type (weight, gloss, matte, specialized)
  • Number of folds
  • Color (1,2,3 or 4 colors)
  • Finishing (if any)
  • Feedback
Inquiry or Order

Requirements to file for printing

Brochures file should be the size that you want to be the final product , plus 3 mm from all sides for trimming. Important objects, such as texts and the like, should be at least 3-4 mm from the edge of the cutting file.

Model Scheme for prepress letterhead


—— line cutting ( the exact size of the finished product )

—— line key elements ( text , logos ,  least 3 mm inward from each side of the red frame )

 —— line with the relaxed backdrop for circumcision (3 mm out of line cutting)

—— line folding

In order to achieve maximum quality desirable logos and text in the file to vector and raster images have a resolution of 300dpi

Print files can be enlarged: .pdf, .eps, .cdr, .ai, .jpg, .tif, .psd